The Process Part 1

We love summer! The sun brings out the music! What better way to spend the day than in the park soaking up the sun and good vibrations! Proudly presented by Shroom Army.

Please join from 2pm - 7pm, as we fill the Orliegh park with Art, music, play and laughter.

There will be artists painting live and displaying their work for the community to see in a small gallery, Dj's playing a variety of delectable treats for your eager ears, Kids space for the munchkins to run free, Flow toys for all to enjoy, Sacred Crates vinyl market for the crate diggers, A small jam space set up with instruments provided by us and of course... each and every one of you beautiful people to connect and laugh with!

Make sure you keep your ears perked from Bhakti the Nectar Cow you will know him when you hear him!

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