Monthly Chandra Namaska

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

"Let the water settle;  you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your being" ~rumi~

Every month on the full moon Bhakti and the Bumblebee will guide you through a chandra namaskar (moon salutation) sequence.

Just about anyone who has practiced a little bit of yoga has at some point gone through a version of sun salutations. Sun salutations vary from tradition to tradition and from teacher to teacher, however the basic idea is the same- that is to honour and harness the energy of the sun.

Energetically it is more of a masculine practice though it is important to note that a masculine practice is not solely for men, remembering that both men and woman have both a feminine and masculine nature. Just as one part of the brain is logical (left hemisphere-masculine) and one the other is creative (feminine right hemisphere of the brain) . A Sun salutation practice begins standing and aims to generate heat within the body.

Moon salutations are the ying to the sun salutations yang. The practice begins seated and moves slowly through a flow on the ground. We hold simple asana (poses), focusing on the hips and emotional storage systems. Also paying specific attention to the breath.

The practice is energetically feminine. We will work to boost creativity, feelings of love and calmness as well as stretch deeply as we work to harness the energy of the moon.


Classes held at our bee hive studio

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