Deep Spring Solstice Stretch

Blossoms are blooming the air is fragrant! Now is the time to reset, release and spring clean the mind and body with a full 90minute spring solstice yin yoga class and sound healing.

Poses are held for 3-5 minutes, for those of you new to yin yoga, this may sound some what over whelming! However do not let this put you off! Poses are held comfortably with lots of cushions for an extra luxurious relaxation experience . This is deeply restorative yummy practice aiming to stretch deep beneath the muscles into the joints and connective tissue.

Specific focus will be paid to the breath and the hips- the area in the body that stores emotional tension and trauma.

The class will uplifted through the use of sound and live bansuri flute. We will utilise the vibration of sweet, inspiring sounds to ascend to new heights.

Held in a friendly safe enviroment at our beehive studio Open to all ages and abilities. Spaces Limites. $18

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