Miriana has been teaching yoga since early 2015 and has been practicing yoga since she was just 15years old. Miriana has over 800 hours of certified training from all over the world, including here in Australia, Thailand and India.


Most inspired by her Indian training, her teaching style is of a more traditional Hatha influence, however she continues to explore intuitive practices as well as Vinyasa, Yin, Ahstanga and Kundalini.

Miriana Rose

As Miriana embarked on the journey of motherhood, her practice was taken to new heights and understanding as she grew into her changing body.

She offers weekly pre-natal classes in a safe nuturing enviroment where mamas and mamas to be can gather to prepare for their birthing joureny

Just a few possible benefits of yoga during pregnancy:

  • Increased energy

  • boosted circulation (helping to manage leg cramps, varicuos veins and discomfort).

  • Eases aches and pains in common problem areas- hips, lower back, shoulders.

  • Birth prepartion

  • Reduce strees

Pre-natal Yoga

Having a new baby is a full on full time job!


Miriana offers a weekly mama's and buba's class. 

This is a baby/child friendly place where busy mums can come to relax, restore and strengthen the body after birth and long hours carrying, caring and feeding. A place where mothers can connect with other mothers. 

Most importantly this is a place for mums to put some time back into nuturing them selves.

Mama & buba yoga