Bhakti The Nectar Cow

Bhakti Goode, known by his DJ name "Bhakti The Nectar Cow" is a skilled musician and sound healer. Talented in a vast range of instruments, specialising in bansuri flute and harmonica.

Bhakti's early schooling began in India, where he began learning traditional Indian instruments and mantra chanting. Bhakti utilises a life time of learning on stage and along side yoga classes for an uplifting, explosive experience.

Bhakti the nectar cow is know for his super saucy beats. Mixing super beautiful sounds, with worldly flavours, live instruments and mantra with dirty dance floor beats.


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Hand Made Flutes

After spending many years developing the skills to become a professional flautist, the natural progression for Bhakti was to master the art of flute making.

Bhakti harvests, by hand wild bamboo from around the northern rivers region. Harvesting takes place on a new moon, when the water content in the wood is at its lowest ensuring a higher quality wood.

He cures the bamboo with time and fire, before carving and tuning each individual flute. Flutes can be tuned to any key in both 432 hertz and 440 hertz, depending on personal preference.

For a custom hand made flute, prices range from $100- $200. Contact details can be found under "contact" on the main menu.

Portrait Art

Along side Bhaktis musical skills run artistic skills.

Bhakti has a deep passion for realistic life like portraits and sculptures. He offers personal portraits for sale.

Spoil a loved one with a gift they can treasure, simply send through a picture and size request. 

Prices begin at $250.